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    Burnout Legends [ULES-00125]


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    Burnout Legends [ULES-00125] Empty Burnout Legends [ULES-00125]

    Mensagem por jjoao em Qua Jun 17 2009, 02:27

    #!!SpeedMaster Hacks
    #!!Created By Murderface
    ;These will lock your car at the codes speed
    ;For added fun, set a low speed to always on, and set a high speed to a toggle
    ;or vice versa
    ;Please note that the speeds listed on the code tend to vary based on the car being driven

    #Speedmaster Slow(20mph)
    0x00488CF0 0x4193F566
    0x00488DB0 0x4193F566
    0x0055B860 0x4193F566
    0x0055B864 0x4193F566

    #Speedmaster Med (61mph)
    0x00488CF0 0x4293F566
    0x00488DB0 0x4293F566
    0x0055B860 0x4293F566
    0x0055B864 0x4293F566

    #Speedmaster Perfection
    ;Locks Speed at 170 MPH
    ;Which is pretty fast for most of the standard cars
    ;Yet you still have control
    0x00488CF0 0x435C1D20
    0x00488DB0 0x435C1D20
    0x0055B860 0x435C1D20
    0x0055B864 0x435C1D20

    #SpeedMaster Fast (240mph)
    ;slightly hard to control for some vehicles, others it's not.
    0x00488CF0 0x4393F566
    0x00488DB0 0x4393F566
    0x0055B860 0x4393F566
    0x0055B864 0x4393F566

    #Speedmaster Bullet(caution)
    ;I would advise using this regularly,
    ; It's too fast for anything but crashing
    ;speed is 400+
    0x00488CF0 0x4893F566
    0x00488DB0 0x4893F566
    0x0055B860 0x4893F566
    0x0055B864 0x4893F566

    #!!More Speed Hacks

    #Nitrous Maximus
    ;Infinite Nitro FTW
    ;Has been reported to occasionally freeze,
    ;but rarely
    0x0055C4BF 0x44

    #Better Infinite Nitro
    ;no hz necessary :p
    ;Credit Murderface
    0x000403AC 0x0A200248
    0x00000920 0x3C0808D6
    0x00000924 0x3C094434
    0x00000928 0x25290000
    0x0000092C 0xAD09C4BC
    0x00000930 0x03E00008

    ;Gives 4X Nitrous Bar, does not fill nitrous
    ;Do not use in cunjunction with Modded Nitro
    0x00372413 0x04
    0x0055C4B4 0x03
    0x003723E0 0x04

    #Modded Nitro Bar
    ;Makes the Nitro Bar bigger than normal
    ;You earn Nitro faster, but it's also spent faster
    0x00372413 0x06
    0x0055C4B4 0x05
    0x003723E0 0x06

    #!!Other Hacks

    ;Prevents you from being disqualified
    ;due to totaling your car
    0x0055C9A4 0x3F800000

    #TimeSplitter (Freezetime)
    ;Locks remaining time, though it can be glitchy
    0x003B3D50 0x000001E6

    #Trophy Winner
    ;Always Place 1st
    0x00370EE4 0x07

    #Silence Engine Noise
    ;Filters Our the "roar" of the engine, but keeps all the other sound effect intact
    0x00398640 0x00000000
    0x00398630 0x00000000
    0x00398620 0x00000000

    #Easier Pursuit Takedown
    ;Enable this code BEFORE you start the pursuit, If done right, the health bar will be at 0 at the beginning of the game
    ;If the health bar is zero'ed, then disable the code, and all it will take to get the takedown is one hard nudge to the enemy car.
    0x00372E10 0x00000000
    0x003C7D38 0x00000000
    0x003C7D90 0x40000000
    0x003EBF48 0x00E10048
    0x003EBF58 0x00EC0052
    0x003EBF78 0x00EC005D
    0x00561944 0x00000000

    #Burning Lap Professional
    ;This hack will lock your time whenever you enable it, allowing you to finish the level and get
    ;an insanely low time
    0x003B3D50 0x00000725
    0x0040420C 0x00000725
    0x00404210 0x00000725
    0x00404218 0x00000725
    0x00430E00 0x00000725

    #Takedown King
    ;Earns 1000 Takedowns
    ;May not instantly register on your counter in-game
    ;Just take down 1 car to update it
    0x003727FC 0x2710
    0x0055C418 0x2710
    0x0055C41C 0x2710
    0x0055C478 0x2710
    0x005F39EC 0x2710

    #Ghost Racers
    ;Makes Your Car, and enemy cars invisible.
    ;Does not make traffic invisible
    ;Will sometimes freeze if turned on and off too much
    0x0055B2D4 0x00

    #Location Address1
    ;Can Be Used To Spawn Your Car At Different Locations
    ;But Still Needs Work
    ;Pretty Much Was Only Posted For Coders
    0x0055B340 0x00000000

    #Press O to Increase Height
    ;Credit Murderface
    ;best for when sitting still
    ;cant be used at same time as improved infinite nitro
    0x000403AC 0x0A200248
    0x00000920 0x3C0808D6
    0x00000924 0x8d09b344
    0x00000928 0x240a5456
    0x0000092C 0x3c0b08c0
    0x00000930 0x8d6c423c
    0x00000934 0x3c0d0100
    0x00000938 0x25ad0000
    0x0000093C 0x158d0004
    0x00000940 0x00000000
    0x00000944 0x01497020
    0x00000948 0xad0eb344
    0x0000094C 0x00000000
    0x00000950 0x03e00008

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